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Home Health and Hospice (HHH) has contracts servicing persons with Veterans Status through the VA.


Home Health and Hospice (HHH) has contracts servicing persons with Veterans Status through the VA. Included are volunteer programs in motion to have Veteran Status volunteers to: work with Veteran patients as needed to meet the unique social needs of Veterans.  We know that Veterans understand Veterans.  We owe it to the heroes that made our safety and lives possible to help them in their time of need.

Holistic Transitional Village (HTV) a not for profit department of HHH and is headed by Charles Huyck, MBIOST, MSW-HA.  He is a Medical Biostatistician formerly educated in: Nursing, Medical Lab Sciences, Biostatistics, General and Clinical Advanced Social Work/Addictions and Health Care Administration. He is an Honorably Discharged Public Health Officer with Substantial Active Duty and Deployment.  He has 100% Veteran Status and holds the rank of Lieutenant Commander and has the Field Medical Readiness Badge.  He served to protect and promote the health and safety of the United States and is a Decorated Officer.  Mr. Huyck has decades of public and Federal Government sectors of health care delivery and administration.  Dedication to Americans and providing service to others is his hallmark strengths.

The mission of HTV is to alleviate Veterans  or service members  and other classes of homeless that: fall through the gaps in services of both the VA and homeless shelters.  HTV also, has many partnerships, including behavioral health agencies Federal and public and Wisconsin DHS, to help to prevent homelessness in the Greater Milwaukee area.

HTV is working with DHS and SAMHSA to curb homelessness and other diseases through public education and prevention.  Partnership with Access to Mental Health Recovery is in works for Addictions and Mental Health illness prevention.  HIV and Hepatitis Prevention is also starting.

 HTV is a testimony to HHH’s commitment to give back to this great country and provide services unsurpassed in providing: dignity, compassion and respect; that are based in the love of helping others.  HHH is based in patriotism and the belief that we are one nation under God.

 Mr. Huyck is available for consultation to HHH on a wide range of medical, social, Veteran and administrative matters.  He works diligently to establish a program of homelessness prevention and a hospice shelter for terminally ill homeless.   He is trained in Epidemiology and Social Work as well as Health Care Administration and Statistical Research.  He is here to promote strong public health and American ideals.


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