Crisis Services

We train in Emergency Preparedness. HTV will provide Epidemiological Consultation to work places and public organization for safety and disease prevention on a fee basis.


HTV actually wishes to strive to deter humans from being in crisis.  Prevention is a key approach to common human problems.  HTV has an array of health care professional staff and has formed partnerships with the State of Wisconsin DHS and Access to Mental Health Recovery of the Greater Milwaukee area.  Our services are geared to reach out to the neediest and include:

  • Corona Prevention and the spread of Corona Virus
  • Addiction and Mental Health Prevention in deterrence of homelessness
  • Hepatitis and HIV Prevention
  • General Homeless Prevention
  • Trainings in Emergency Preparedness.

This is all conducted through distribution of health aids such as hand sanitizer, public out-reach and or education.  Other methods utilized are linking to jobs programs, behavioral health and or health organizations. It takes a village to help the human condition.