Housing and Shelter


HTV is working to provide a permanent, home like shelter for those how are at risk of or are terminally ill and homeless. Homelessness is characterized by a lack of: nutrition, hygiene, and social support, protection from the elements which: exasperates or produces fairly serious medical conditions evident in both HUD and CDC data bases.

Once seriously ill, these persons do not meet the wheel chair transfer/ambulatory or mandatory work requirements of the national homeless shelters and are remanded to the streets. Many lay a heavy burden on the health care system by high utilization of emergency room visits to gain shelter. Many use public restrooms and amenities and given the hygiene issues pose a large threat to public health/disease spread. Ultimately they face a horrible, in humane death on the streets.

Our program seeks to alleviate all of these things and given the new Corona Virus situation, all populations should be regulated in regard to disease transmission risk. More importantly all human beings should be able to live or die in dignity. Our program will provide medical case management and linkage to hospice service. Some when given shelter, hygiene and medical care will recover and we are linked to programs to help with reintegration such as work programs. This program will benefit Veterans and non Veterans, or those who do not meet full VA Benefits, and civilians in need.